Halloween masks Just the way You Need


The Halloween masks are especially attractive when there is an artisan touch, or when they are made by hand. As with all do-it-yourself jobs, there are different methods to make Halloween masks, and each is suited to a different level of familiarity with hand-made works. In fact, with DIY you can make different Halloween masks, but it is important to choose which material to use: cardboard, cardboard, and even papier-mâché are suitable for creating The halloweenmaskrt to cover the face. Naturally though, if the card board and the cardboard are really within everyone’s reach, for the paper making it is necessary to know the procedure to create it and then to use it correctly. Who is just a beginner can rely on the card with which he will make a simple mask to cover the eyes. It looks like a trivial creation, but the reality is that from such a simple process you can create lots of different Halloween masks.

  • In addition to the basic version, a simple shaped black mask, it is possible to create infinite variations. Using orange and green card you can make a pumpkin Halloween mask, as if you were a real Jack-o-Lantern using instead black cardboard and remembering to draw even two triangles in the upper part, you will have the perfect Halloween cat mask. As you will have understood based on the color of the cardboard and the shape in which you cut it you will get masks completely different from each other. Other ideas for Halloween masks with cardboard are: the bear, the bat, the spider and the ghost (a simple white card with the part around the eyes circled in black.

Looking for more ideas, maybe slightly more elaborate, for DIY Halloween masks? Here you are satisfied. For the witch’s mask you can create a long and sharp nose, don’t forget the leek, to be placed on the face using string. The papier-mâché and cardboard are perfect for Halloween instead DIY mask from the skull, one of the scariest. The card is also ideal to create masks which essentially covers the eyes and can be an elegant and simple solution to achieve.

Scary Halloween masks

What are the scariest Halloween masks? Without doubt the ones that show off, it is appropriate to say it, scars, wounds that seem real, false teeth, fangs and everything and horrible detail you can think of. There are also several ways to get a scary Halloween mask, the first of which is naturally to buy it. It must be said, however, that the plastic effect of the masks purchased is clearly noticeable, while patiently wounds and scars made in the traditional way have a more realistic and consequently more frightening effect. The best idea for your scary Halloween mask it is undoubtedly a mix between purchased details and others made by hand.

All that is crusted with wounds, bumps and protuberances can be made with simple wrapped glue or, better to say, modeled with the help of transparent film and a good dose of paper. Alternatively, you can simply draw the wound using make-up tricks, or, if you want to give it some relief, using transparent gelatin that adheres to the skin and can then be covered using simple foundation. A particularly scary Halloween mask is one with teeth and blood coming out of a classic doctor’s mouth mask. It is found for a few euros on the internet, but if you want starting from the white mask it can also be made at home.