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Reliant Energy rates

Reliant is a long time engaged with the community that lives in texas. TheReliant Energy has also been supporting so many causes that are charitable and the gulf coast to the achievements by the junior. Reliant has also been engaged in scouting,m literacy, and scholarship in the Texas community. They have also stepped forward to help in the timed of troubles that were caused due to hurricanes. Tey has provided many cooling centres and also they have helped the Texan community a lot in rebuilding their homes and giving the electricity for a very minimal cost; Basically, reliant has helped inn rebuilding the broken Texan community after the disaster.

Reliant was founded in the year 2016, reliant also allows its employees to suppose the nonprofit organization.this will make the employees of the reliant in the texas feel that they are contributing more to the society through the help of the reliant group. This reliant group ids well know among the texas community for their good deeds., Moreover, these reliant have helped the Texans at times of hurricanes and hardships. In the year 2018, the employees from the reliant group have served almost 8000 hours and also donated around 3 million to more than 150 communities that lived in and around texas. In the year 2019, they have donated to the love and the  -hospital of children in the bereavement centre. This is a centre that helps the children and adults cope up with the death of a loved one.

Reliant Customer Assistance Service

Reliant is so good that they put their customer’s financial situation before the revenue of the company. Basically, reliant is very sensitive to its customer’s financial situation. Or if they are facing any kind of serious illness under such unavoidable and critical situations, the reliant group will offer the customer an extra time to pay the bills. But the thing is that this condition should be discussed with the provider beforehand itself by the customer. There is a program called Community assistance from reliant energy (CARE) that helps in providing payment assistance to customers who are qualified and who have an emergency situation or even a hardship moment that is impacting their financial situation. This program is  a part of the contribution by the customers of the reliant who will be able to donate their  monthly bills

Reliant Energy

Basically reliant provides two types of plans that you can take up to py the bill. One is the variable-rate plan and the other is the fixed-rate plan.

Variable and Fixed Rates

The prices that are provided by the reliant is completely based on the fixed or the variable rate plans. The variable rate plans depend upon the market rate of the electricity and the amount of electricity you consume. This is also a monthly based payment where the amount would change every month. There will be a notification sent to notify the payment due at least 14 days prior. On the other hand, a fixed-rate is something where you will pay a fixed amount on a contractual basis and also you can use how much ever electricity you want.