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Smartest Options for the Understanding of Soccer

Once again, this year’s World Cup has cast a spell over people around the world. Of course, besides the Olympic Games, the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. On every continent there are millions of fans who are thrilled with their national teams. There are four billion soccer fans around the world, a considerable part of who even kick the ball. Especially in Europe and South America, soccer is like a popular religion. We show why soccer is so popular, how many people see a World Cup and how high the reach of the most popular sorcerers in the social media. Here is the ultimate soccer check. When you go for the liverpool v manchester city tickets then surely you will have the best options now.

The round must be square – global popularity

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It’s the simplicity of the game – the round has to be square. It does not take much for a little kick. A ball and a few players, the goal can be marked with simple tools. Although special equipment such as soccer boots, shin guards or jersey can be useful, but are by no means a prerequisite. Starting with the professional beginnings in the 19th century in England, the ball game has meanwhile conquered the whole world. Every continent has millions of people kicking the ball in their free time. More than four billion soccer fans are valued worldwide. Especially in Europe and South America soccer is revered, like nowhere else in the world. No wonder that with such a potential, commercialization is becoming increasingly important. Soccer finds its presence everywhere, whether on the stock exchange as a registered stock corporation or as a simple mass sport for the population. Soccer is sport and business at the same time.

The World Cup as a major media event

Already at the World Cup four years ago in Brazil, FIFA reached a new attendance record with 3.2 billion spectators. This has now been surpassed by the past World Cup in Russia, with a total number of over 3.4 billion people worldwide, even more people could be reached. In addition, more than 300 million fans watched the games online or on a mobile device, demonstrating that streaming and digital services are becoming increasingly important in soccer too. In our country alone, over 21 million people watched the World Cup final between France and Croatia. Over 27 million spectators watched the last-minute victory of the 2014 World Champion.

The merchandise machine is running at full speed

In particular, with the world soccer association FIFA marketing, commercialization and public image go hand in hand. That’s why all FIFA events have strict licensing requirements designed to guarantee certain quality standards. Years before the start of a FIFA World Cup, official marketing activities and specially developed merchandise offerings are placing the focus of publicity on the competition in the host country. These include a variety of fan articles, special jerseys, shows and events. With such an enormous fan potential the Fifa leaves nothing to chance. But other companies know to use the big event in their favor. For example, many shops offer special deals to attract customers and public viewings in bars and beer gardens also generate plenty of revenue at these events. Even video games do not leave the soccer hype untouched, so there was a bundle of 5 soccer skins for the 2014 World Cup League of Legends players. So you can even on the PC or the console to roll the ball, while the video games enjoy ever greater popularity.