Tips for Creating a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

Google Ads (also known as “Google AdWords”) is renowned for being an online platform to promote your products using advertisements shown by google on various websites who get paid by google to display ads. They can be anything from advertisements, video promotions, services, job listings, website promotions, and so many more things. The cool thing about Google ads is that they can be added to almost every device that has a stable internet connection from the computer to a small mobile app. Today google ad generates around $134.8 billion in revenue which is quite literally a lot of money.

Services offered by google ads are under PPC model (pay per click), there are more strategies like cost per acquisition (CPA) but PPC is the most common one used by customers (keep in mind that cost per acquisition is not similar to CPA pricing model and they vary in details). One thing always tells us about AdWords and how we do not have to spend so much money on them to get a lot out of the pay-per-click advertising. Having small budgets for your ads is really not a big thing since every company at some point struggled with this problem. The best thing to do is not invest in PPC (pay per click) mindlessly.

Know Your Audience

Always keep in mind what audience or customers you are targeting and never make your ads too vague for people to understand just for the sake of getting it out to more people. Making ads a little broader is not a bad thing necessarily but there are repercussions when you make it too vague, but usually stop responding altogether and think that what you are offering is just not for them. This is where if you keep putting money without thinking you are for sure wasting it on a broad range of people who may or may not pay attention to your ads.

Have a Clear Goal

So, keep a clear mindset and target a certain group of people and let them know that clicking that google ad will be beneficial for them. You should keep specific types of customers in your mind while creating your ads and should make your ads look attractive keeping their mindset in your mind. There is a fun way to do that. Think about being a customer who needs the product that your company is selling (or the service your company is providing) and now think what kind of ads will make you click it and get to read more about those products or services, after all, that’s the purpose of google ads (or any ads for that matter). This is the most important part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Your ads should raise the customers’ interest so much that he should get excited about it and it should get them to think that they need that product right away. If you are selling products related to pipes and plumbing tools and if a plumber sees your ads (google ads for plumbers) he should be convinced that I need those things. This is called action persuasion which leads to Satisfaction (which optimally should be received when the product is bought by the customers) if they end up choosing your service or product that you are selling.

Honest, The best Policy

You should never mislead your customers using your ads and they should be closely (if not accurately) related to the link or the webpage that you have added at the other side of the google ads. It should be only displayed for relevant search queries (which are a big part of the google ad placement algorithm) and should not promote false products under the name (keywords) of irrelevant products. This makes your ads untrustworthy and leads to a bad reputation and rapport online which can be seriously harmful to your business. Also, earlier we discussed how making ads too broad and vague is also harmful, that kind of tricks can also be considered dishonest and can ruin your company’s reputation and business sales. These kinds of things are pretty common among new businesses who are trying to get as many customers as they can be irrelevant to their needs and desires.

Do not forget the little guys

Believe it or not but the most revenue generated by google ads and their customers comes from mobile apps. This seems pretty unusual but if you think closely every person is using mobile devices which do have a stable internet connection and it makes even more sense if you look at the numbers. People are using more mobile phones today than they ever have, most of the people who do not know how to use a computer fly through the hoops of mobile kingdoms. So the best thing to do is to make sure that your ads are mobile-preferred ads and they are compatible with smaller devices (you might have to tweak your ads a little bit but trust me when I say it will be worth it).

Google’s Remarketing feature

Google algorithms related to ads are so advanced that sometimes people get crept up about it. The way it uses your often visited websites (on google chrome or websites opened up using google) or using search engine history since it is the world’s biggest search engine has so much power in its algorithm that they bring the most relevant ads to customers. Google’s remarking feature when configured correctly is so beneficial that you can almost be sure that the ads shown to the people will be as accurate as they can get. This data is pushed back to your and your ad campaigns which remark it and can be used to enhance the quality of your ads and can help you understand what changes you can make to get more customers using google ads.

Google ads is a really powerful feature if you think about it and if used correctly you can benefit so much only if you use it correctly and genuinely.