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All About Generating Fonts

The font is a character or group of characters collected under similar design fonts include cases they are lower case, upper case letters, symbols, numbers, and punctuation marks. we can change the font according to the content we tend to give, the font can change the feel and look of the text the font has a certain size, variants, style, etc.., they can be customized according to our needs A font is generally a combination of many components like typeface, Typeface is nothing but a set of letters of particular designs usually used in printers, size (font size) weight, slope, also the style which is used for printing or to display a set of characters. Fonts designed in the way read with ease and to look simple but there are many which are designed to form a unique style in the text, there are many types of fonts available, according to the usage, but most commonly almost all the font types come under these four groups they are basic font groups. The instagram font generator application is also available in this.

instagram font generator

They are:

  • Serifs
  • Non – serifs
  • Scripts
  • Decorative styles


Serifs are also known as stroke used in each character, serif fonts are very common and also kind of traditional font, in this fonts strokes are small, which emerges outward [ extended ] from the main strokes these serif fonts are easy to read they are used while printing in printing mass this is considered as best while copying. The brand logo must be easy to read so they are the best choice for brand logos it is used to communicate elegantly and level of confidence because it needs to look so classic and also established manner to prove serif font never goes out of style they are used in vogue and New York Times. A serif font called “Didot” has become popular nowadays they are used in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle magazine, and Giorgio Armani logos.

Sans serifs:

Sans serif’s started to grow steadily, in popular in recent years, As per its name sans serif’s it doesn’t give any decorative finish with its strokes, it has featured the main stroke. These sans serif’s fonts look as simple, modern and also crisp fonts are used while reading the text on screen it is considered the best, they have sharp, clean lines which are easy for the device to appear pops out clearly against the luminous white screen compared to serif fonts sans serifs gives a bit improved casual and more youthful look, when this font type is used in brand logos it let it look much basic, also relatable these sans serifs fonts are used today in companies like Panasonic, jeep, Target and Toyota which uses a variation of this logos, when google underwent logo redesigning in 2015 they moved their watermark from serif to sans serifs font it makes them a mega-corporation and gives a more approachable look slab serif also belongs to the category of serif almost its branch the slab serif fonts look more squared off and blocky.