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Different types of Garage doors

Now a day’s Cars are important to our daily needs. The earlier garage was not as important as most of the people did not have cars or have not thought of buying a car. Now when we think of buying a new house or constructing a new house we always prefer to build a garage. Garages are so central that many people utilize their primary entrance to the home.

garage doors gloucester

Thegarage doors gloucester are very important to us when it comes to the safety of our cars. Over the last decades, the advancement of technology has enabled garage doors to be user-friendly and can be curbing according to the customers’ requirements.  Garages come in different styles and types. They are categorized according to their sizes and how open. The safety and durability of the garage are mainly depending on the type of material used in making the doors of the garage. Some material is suited for the harsh weather condition of the place and some are just used in a practical sense or for decorative purposes.  We will look below at the types of material used for making garage doors.

  • Wood garage doors: When it comes to elegance and beauty the first choice is wood. To prevent wrapping they are building in plies. It is traditional and can surely catch the eyes of your guests. Types of woods that are mainly used in making these doors are cedar, meranti, and redwood. They are painted or factory stained. They can also be sometimes painted on-site as stated by customers.

However, when it comes to rain-shed areas it is not a good choice. While they were strong but struggled when facing snow, rain, and hail. It starts to rot, expand or warp when it comes in contact with moisture. It will damage its look and efficiency. To lock their beauty they should be painted every year which is time-consuming and expensive. The purchase price and installation of wooden doors are expensive which adds more disadvantage to it.

  • Wood Composite Garage Doors: When it comes to cheaper options for wood, we can choose a wood composite garage door. It is made with fiberboard and molded with a wooden frame. They are made with high-density fiberboard skins but they did not match the classic and elegance of wood. But if you think of durability and cost efficiency, wood composite garage doors are the best.  They have cores that are filled with polystyrene insulation, which puts a stop to escape the heat or cool air out of the garage doors.
  • Aluminum Garage Doors: When it comes to durability and cost efficiency and maintenance cost, the aluminum doors are much better than the previous two. They are not expandable, rot or wrap in contact with moisture.

That does not mean that is that they did not have any disadvantage. During hot weather, aluminum absorbs heat, which makes the garage unbearably hot. When attached to your home, the air conditioner of your house may struggle to regulate the room temperature. Besides, if your garage is away from home, the car, as well as the things kept in, will expose to unnatural heat.

  • Fiberglass garage doors: They tend to less denting or cracking compared to aluminum doors. They do not rust like iron but can easily break under great pressure. They have cores that are filled with polyurethane insulation and molded with steel frame