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Web writing is not all-natural SEO. It is not enough to put a string of words on your web pages for Google to take a look. For him to be interested, you must make good use of the keywords, but not that. You must also use, intelligently, the various tips to optimize your content. Here are some tips to help you. To make sure that there is no copied part in the whole article, you can make use of the Plagiarism Checker  now.

What is natural referencing?

It is a set of techniques that allows you to optimize the articles you write for your website. Optimization helps to get a place on the first page of search results and therefore to have good visibility compared to competitors. And that says good visibility and good positioning says better traffic to your page and more revenue. Writing an article well is a good start, but it must be optimized for Google to give him all his credit. This involves working in two stages: writing and optimization, both through a good SEO strategy.

SEO strategy what is it?

This is the roadmap that should allow you to enter the good graces of Google. This action plan will have to implement the different tools proposed by Google to improve the referencing and be established according to the rules imposed by the search engine.

SEO Strategy

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However, remember that SEO is not a recipe that works every time since success will depend primarily on the efforts you make and the updates that you will regularly make on your pages based on changes initiated by Google. In any case, a good SEO strategy is interested in everything related to the site from its design to respect the theme without forgetting the quality and relevance of content and the various tips to optimize them.

Write an SEO article: how to do?

Optimizing an SEO article consists of writing content with specific keywords, all this by focusing on the natural side of the thread of ideas and respecting the rules of Google. To allow an article to be well-positioned on the search engines here are the rules to follow:

The right choice of keywords

Whenever you are given a topic, you will already be able to identify the main keyword or key-phrase.In your article, the goal is not to repeat it 100 times, but to insert it in a natural way and then use, intelligently, its lexical field that is to say other words that refer to the universe of the main keyword or synonyms. Again, avoid putting too much or too much repetition, but integrate naturally so as not to distort the content.

Also, all the words belonging to the lexical field are not necessarily relevant. You have to learn to choose the right ones, that is to say, the least competitive ones, but who do not stray too far from the main one. Another trick is choosing long-tail keywords that stand out from the competition and easily positioned by Google.


A long-tail keyword is a key phrase that revolves around the main keyword. Some tools make it easy to find such as Google Keywords Planner or SEMRUSH.

Choose the SEO title of your article

We will never tell you enough: you have to heal your title. To do this, it must be attractive and not too long. It must contain the main keyword, or even start with that word to be percussive.