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Greater Options for the Best Towing

When you break down, it is sometimes necessary to have your car towed to a garage or to a mechanic to have it repaired. But how do you tow your car? What are the rules to follow? For the towing service san jose you need to have a proper understanding for the followings:

Before carrying out a trailer, it is advisable to inquire about your car insurance. Your insurance may cover the trailer of accident or broken down vehicles. If your insurance company covers this option, see if there is a minimum kilometer for breakdown assistance to travel and if there is a deductible to have your car towed.

Choosing the right equipment to tow a car

It is important to choose the right equipment to tow a car in order to avoid any risk of damage to the towed car or the one towing the other. Ropes and chains should be banned because the distance between the two cars is not maintained and they may collide. You must use a tow bar that allows you to move a broken down vehicle without worries. To hitch your car, there are 3 kinds of drawbars:

The standard bar:  it is the best known because it is easy to use. It has two hooks each towing hook is attached to the ring of each car.

towing service san jose

The foldable bar: it hangs the two cars together. It is often used when the broken down car and the towing car are not at the same height. It is especially practical to transport after use.

The telescopic bar: it allows you to manage the distance between the two cars. It offers better resistance than the foldable bar.

How to calculate the towable weight for a car?

It is important to adapt the choice of tow bar to the weight of the broken down vehicle. This weight varies depending on the car model. To do this, you need to find out about the car registration form, using the information provided in the letters “F“.

  • F1 (PV) = empty weight
  • F2 (PTAC or PTC) = total authorized load weight
  • F3 (PTRA) = total admissible rolling weight

To calculate the maximum towable weight of your car, you must perform a small subtraction:  F3 – F2 = maximum towable weight in kilos. After calculating the maximum towable load you can determine which car to choose for towing.


The towing vehicle must always be heavier than the broken down and towed car. This is necessary so that the towing vehicle has enough power to tow the car and especially to be able to brake both cars. The total weight of the two cars must not exceed 3.5 tons for a person holding only the B license.In order to help you choose the tow bar those suits your needs, please find below a table which brings together the main market prices for the different tow bars.

How to tie the vehicles together?

Once you have chosen the right equipment and you know the maximum weight to respect for towing your car, you must now couple your car to the one towing you:

Leave a space of at least two meters between cars to install the tow bar.

The rings are often located in your trunk with the spare tire. Hang them on each lashing point. They are located on the bumpers of both cars or in the grille. Unclip the protective cover to hang the rings. Then just screw the bar tight.