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As for nicotine withdrawal, again, little data is available. Six months after quitting using a vaporizer, only a small fraction of people stopped using it. You can easily opt for the E-cigarette starter kit there.

Gateway effect

A recent study carried out by the expert says that young people are attracted to vaping, just as they are attracted to any new or fun practice. From there to draw conclusions would be reckless or even dangerous. The 2014 “Tobacco-Free Paris” study reveals a significant drop in smoking in both the 12-15 and 16-19 age groups. this observation should be linked to the increase in the price of tobacco, but also to the arrival of the Vaporetto on the markets of those surveyed. This trend has also been observed in other countries, notably the United States and Poland. The fact remains that the laws prohibiting their sale to minors are justified.

Encourage vaping in institutions

The question of smoking is not approached in a systematic way specialized places do not generally prioritize this issue. And if risk reduction practices gradually find their place in the treatment of addictions, they are not yet considered by specialists in the treatment of smoking. Therefore the question arises of the perspectives that the Vaporetto could open on questions like:

  • Reducing the risks linked to smoking among drug addicts,
  • The decrease in financial insecurity,
  • The acquisition of consumption skills to better manage it,
  • The possibility of establishing a bridge between addiction treatment circles and smoking specialists and of opening a dialogue on prevention.

A workshop organized by the expert with addiction professionals and users in January made it possible to make a first point on the potential usefulness of the vaping machine in the field of addictions. It appeared that, within the framework of institutions for the care of drug addicts, it has a certain potential, if only for questions of fire prevention or protection against passive smoke. Its low harmfulness, and its modular nicotine content, also makes it an interesting medium to support users who wish to reduce their consumption of tobacco or even stop it. However, there are questions and problems which hinder its use. Which dosage of nicotine to choose for the substitution to be effective and relieve craving, or which model to choose?

E-cigarette starter kit

However, this perspective of use in risk reduction does not yet seem to meet the needs of professionals and users of low-threshold reception structures. Harm reduction focuses here on the factors that allow users to survive on a daily basis and does not yet include the prevention of smoking.


The first patent application for a concept of tobacco-free and smokeless cigarette dates from 1965. Later, attempts to market reduced-risk systems heated tobacco systems or vaping systems failed to because of the opposition of the administrations in particular against the Favor by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1987, blockages on the part of certain tobacco manufacturers, a technology not sufficiently accomplished and above all, a lack of public craze.

It was not until 2003 that a new concept, developed by a Chinese pharmacist, Mr. Hon Lik, found an interested audience. Very quickly, a million users around the world turned to vape. The tobacco industry then entered the vaping market, mainly by buying up existing businesses. However, this market still remains today largely dominated by products independent from the tobacco industry.