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The history and timeline of photography

Photography is considered to be resulting to be the mixing of various technological inventions, which could be related to seeing an image and as well as capturing the image. In Latin, camera obscura is known to be the dark chamber. That the camera Obscura’s invention leads to stating an image of a scene or location which dates back with ancient china. Euclid and Aristotle a Greek mathematician which is described as a camera obscura within the 5th century and 4th century BCE. In his experiments Anthemius of Tralles, byzantine mathematicians have used various types of camera obscura in the 6th century CE. The first true pinhole camera has been invented by the Arab physicist, ibn al-Haitham. North East Wedding Photographer can pick out everything for the customers and aids with customization of the best package with the customers for their wedding occasions. To the work of ibn al-Haitham, the invention of the camera has been traced back to its process.

The camera obscura by ibn al-Haitham:

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About the camera obscura, ibn al-Haitham has provided the first and then the proper analysis that has been described earlier by him as the effect of the single light which has been passing through the single hole. That could be included with the first geometrical and then with the description of the quantitative phenomenon and was considered to be the initial one to use with the screen in the darkroom. Through the camera obscura, an image could be placed over one side of the Obscura and then the image can be projected on the other side of the camera obscura. The relationship between the focal point has been firstly understood by ibn al-Haitham and also with the pinhole and also the early experiments have been performed with the images which could be laying with the initiations for the creation of photography which has been held in the 19th century.

The natural camera obscura:

Leonardo da Vinci has mentions the natural camera obscura which has been formed by the creation of the dark caves on the margins of the sunlit valley. In the cave wall, a hole has been acting as the pinhole camera and then laterally rejects the project and on the piece of the paper upside-down image has been projected. The camera obscura has been used by the renaissance painter which has been given with the optical rendering which has been dominating with western art in the color aspects. The camera obscura is a box with a hole within it and that permits the light to get over and generate an image upon the piece of paper. With the invention, the birth of photography has been concerned with creating a means to make captions and make the image that has been produced by the camera obscura. Silver nitrate has been invented by Albertus Magnus in between the year 1193 to 1280 and then the silver chloride has been invented by George Fabricius and those techniques have been given in the book of optics written by ibn al-Haitham which is capable creating with the primitive photographs with the use of the medieval materials over its production.