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The Right Steps for the Perfect Car Scrapping Now

Have you noticed that in the last 5 years we have been living in conditions of a constant rise in the price of everything and everything? At first, the collapse of the currency against world currencies was to blame, and, of course, if it was not bad, oil, the cost of which almost halved. Then inflation, problems with banks, sanctions, and then you know but after the stabilization of the dollars and the economy as a whole, the rise in price continues.

This is most acutely felt in the car market of new cars, many of which have more than doubled in recent years. Do you think the price tags for new cars are stabilizing? No matter how the Government has prepared the next New Year’s surprise for all of us, deciding to raise the rate of utilization fee in the next, 2020. From Skrota bilen Göteborg you can find the best deals now.

Fees for Motor Recycling

Skrota bilen Göteborg

According to experts, the Ministry of Industry is proposing to the government to increase the recycling fee for cars from January 1, 2020. According to the ministry, this is necessary in order to maintain a barrier in the auto industry from imports. Recall that recently, in the framework of the WTO requirements, our country has reduced import duties on cars. As a result, according to the authorities, this could threaten both the local production of cars and their sales on the country market.

According to rumors, the size of the recycling fee in the New Year can grow by 110 percent. Not bad? Recall that in 2018 the government also raised the rate, which ultimately led to a rise in the price of new cars. At the beginning of this year, the VAT rate was also raised from 18 to 20 percent, which had a huge impact on the final cost of new cars.

According to experts, in connection with an increase in the rate of utilization collection, cars will rise in price again in 2020. On average, up to 4 percent but add here the natural inflation in the car market, far from the 4% rate that our sovereigns boast of. According to analysts, next year the cost of new cars due to inflation will average 6-7 percent. So it is likely that new cars will add at least 10 percent in price next year.

Risk of Dollar Exchange

Add risk to the dollar exchange rate, possible new sanctions, commercial interests of dealers and car manufacturers, a drop in real incomes of the population, tightening of the conditions for lending to the population and it is highly likely that by the end of next year new cars will become inaccessible to even more. Naturally, against the background of this sharp decline in sales of new cars next year cannot be avoided.

The authorities have enough wisdom to bypass this trend.

It is believed, of course, with difficulty. But, probably, it’s time to think about the prices on the car market. Otherwise, so unobtrusively soon we will see a new non-premium Toyota Camry at the price of a one-room apartment in the region.

For reference: A recycling fee is included in the price of any new car. Including those made in our country. On average, in each new car, several tens of thousands of dollars is the size of the disposal fee. Given that the average cost of new cars on the market in 2019 is more than 1 million dollars, by the end of 2020, on average, new cars can rise in price by 100 thousand dollars.